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My short story Let Your Uglies Take Root (first appeared in Catawampus in Sweetgum County) has been accepted in the International Human Rights Art Festival‘s anthology: A Human Voice. IHRAF focuses on social justice and activist themes. Get your copy on Amazon.

“You Don’t Know Who You Are Until You’ve Gone Too Far”
is at the Brooklyn Book Festival with New Meridian Arts

Brooklyn Book Festival – Booth 441 (Cadman Plaza in front of the Courthouse) on October 2, between 10 AM and 6 PM

Read the review! Read the book!

Get your reading passport, and come visit Sweetgum County. A sleepy town in southwest Missouri. Get to know the residents of this quirky little town and unearth their secrets with every turn of the page.

Get ALL my books on Amazon.

Now, Swimming Middle River


You Don’t Know Who You Are Until You’ve Gone Too Far

are available and BN.COM

Catawamups in Sweetgum County also available at Adeliade Press.

“Sackett reads as if Stephen King and Alice Munro had a child and Margaret Atwood were her fairy godmother. These tales of unfortunate events, trauma and grief with beams of hope stay with the reader forever.”
— P.J. Bourke, Books Boys Podcast and Radio show

You are in the Write Space, my website, where you can browse over 75 published short stories and non-fiction. I hope you have your reader’s passport, because there is a good deal of genre hopping. I believe in the power of the story, and for the story to tell itself. I hope you enjoy your reading journey. Oh, don’t forget to check out my podcasts and videos. Send me an email and let me know what you think in the Contact Me section!

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