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Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.

Lewis Carroll


My style

I write  about characters at a crossroads. I put my characters on both literal and metaphorical journeys. I also enjoy coming of age pieces. Here’s what others have said.

What the Looking Glass Reflects
“I was very intrigued by the atmosphere you created, reflective and relatable, yet fantastical and surreptitious.” – Jo Caddy of Mum Life Stories

Strawberry Wine
“We want to grow. We want to be better. Thank you for teaching us how to do that. Thank you for teaching us how to read carefully.” – BadBride

A Spot Not Blue
“Marvel as Leah gently weaves a blue web of lies.”

Fore I Came to the Fence
“This is a beautiful and deeply moving piece.” – Kelly Gonzales    

In a Narrow Place
“I really enjoyed reading … your wonderful work.” – James Diaz

“I think I read this four times aleady. I love it.” – Sean Lynch

I “love” Burt 
“This pleasing April blossom managed to put Edward D. Wood, Jr. and Burt Reynolds into my mental holding cell at the very same time. It also conjured up disco-era open shirts and gold chains which lay in exposed field of man moss and treasure trails.I blame and praise Ms. Leah for such unsettling images.”   –  Walking Boss Cooper

The Family Blend
“Wow – Leah Sackett’s The Family Blend is a masterful journey of haunted memory and hard hitting truth. I love the way she blended the light and darkness and brought both together in the ending. Would love to see more by this author!”  – JENI VENKER WEIDENBENNER

 The Family Blend
“Fresh and original.” – Kerri Farrell Foley, Editor of Crack the Spine

 What the Mirror Reflects
“…soul chilling and marvelous. I would publish it twice if I could.” Vivienne McLemore, Editor Zany Zygote Review  

  Somebody Else in Kentucky 
“…how much I truly loved this story, and we’re very excited to be working with you, and presenting this piece. It’s not often I come across a refreshing read like this, let alone something I connect with so fluidly. ” – Thomas John Nudi, Editor of Blacktop Passages 

  Man in Black
“…excellent – great characters and dialogue!” C.E. Lukather, Edtior The Writing Disorder     

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