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What’s Inside Raising St. Elisabeth?

What’s Inside Swimming Middle River?

Upcoming Open Mic with RaeAnne at The Forever S7even

at on May 23rd

Watch my latest interview with Two Sisters Writing and Publishing.

It has been so much fun to be a part of this community.

LIVE Reading and Signing of Raising St. Elisabeth at The Novel Neighbor

A big thank you to all that came out to my reading. Here are some pictures and videos, including bloopers.

Video 1: Intro to Raising St. Elisabeth

Introduction to reading of Raising St. Elisabeth

Video 2: Excerpt from reading Raising St. Elisabeth

Two Sisters Interview

Whether you’re a writer or a reader, please tune in for my live interview on Writer Talks! With Two Sisters Writing & Publishing. Elizabeth Ann Atkins interviews me about my winning short story that’s published in their International Anthology, and we’re going to talk about the craft of writing, the lifestyle, the challenges, and the fun. Here’s the link to watch and share: Please post it and invite folks to enjoy this half-hour of inspiration. When you post, please tag me at: ​Twitter: Instagram:…Also while you’re watching, please press the “thumbs up” tab on YouTube and the red “subscribe” button — this helps more viewers see the interview!If you miss the live interview, you can also catch the replay.Thank you!

  1. Spofest Reading: In case you missed it, here is the August 17th reading. And as usual, I get tongue tied. The evening was filled with great writers. It was inspiring.
  2. The Goddess Power Show

Talking with Elizabeth Atkins of Two Sisters Writing and Publishing was my great pleasure. Check it out on YouTube.

3. Booksboys: This was the most fun I’ve ever had doing a podcast. Listen to podcast #9 at

4. Alien Buddha Press: Fun podcast with my publisher Red Focks at Alien Buddha Press. Listen here:

5. Peeking Cat: A rare listen inside my writing mind. Checkout the interview I did with Peeking Cat.

6. Reading: I’ll Turn a Cartwheel for You

Blooper #1

Blooper #2

Blooper #3

Blooper #4

Blooper #5

7. Reading: A Plum In His Mouth (audio)

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