Leah’s Library of Fiction

My Writing Roots: I have published the following stories: Maul It Over, makes a reappearance in 45 Magazine If I Could Cry, I’d Be Happier, Secret Attic Issue #15 My 6 word story in the micro-edition of Orange Blush Zine A Slip of the Hands, in SledgeHammer Lit RAISING ST. ELISABETH,┬áNovella published by Alien BuddhaContinue reading “Leah’s Library of Fiction”


Raising St. Elisabeth Available on Amazon Want a taste? ‘Raising St. Elisabeth’, the new novella by Leah Holbrook Sackett is now available. Check out the link below where you can preview the opening pages of the story. Below that is a link to where you can obtain a paperback copy. https://alienbuddhapress.wordpress.com/…/spotlight-an…/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0942HCCS2… A BIG thanksContinue reading “Welcome”